Keynote: Using Data and Technology to Transform US Manufacturing – Empowering the Ecosystem to Engage and Innovate

Session Host/Speaker(s)

Introducing CESMII, the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute at UCLA.  CESMII was created in 2017, funded by the US Government - Department of Energy with $70 million dollars, as a non-profit Institute to drive Smart Manufacturing. What is ‘Smart Manufacturing’?  It’s the practice of using data, technology standards, machine learning and AI to deliver performance, productivity, agility, continuous innovation, and the cleanest energy of all, energy not used or saved by optimized processes.
How, is CESMII doing this you might ask?  John will share the CESMII vision, roadmap and progress to date.  While Jonathon will give us the details on how CESMII is building a collaborative community of smart manufacturing practitioners who are leveraging cloud computing, machine learning, data science, technology standards, IoT and edge computing to transform US Manufacturing across the entire industrial sector.