UCLA Professor Cynthia Lebow on American Politics, the future of the Supreme Court and Constitutional Law

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Understanding the aftermath of the 2020 Election, for the Oval office and Congress.  We all hope that there is a decisive outcome, but what if there is not?  How will this play out for US politics?  What role will the courts play, and how will this very conservative supreme court impact our democracy?

What is the future of the legislative branch in the US?  As an expert on the US Supreme Court, Cynthia will help us understand the many questions we have about how America can navigate legal strategy with a very conservative high court.  What would it take to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court?  Has a Supreme Court Justice ever been impeached?  What about term limits?  Should each justice serve for up to 18 years instead of life? We could have a justice roll  off the court every two years, giving each president the opportunity to appoint 2.  Cynthia will help us understand some of these questions and more.