Call for Proposals

The call for session proposals is now closed.


The Program tracks to be featured at UC Tech 2021 Envisioning the future of IT:

Advancing Research Frontiers with Data

How is your campus transforming research in the digital age? Share your vision for how the cloud, increased access to HPC, analytics, new data, sensors, IOT and access to data will impact your research community.

Digital Ethics and Privacy

What are the ethical and privacy dilemmas you and your campus are grappling with? How are you working to comply with GDPR and CCPA? How are you working to enhance and encourage collaboration, while maintaining optimal privacy and intellectual property in your campus community?

Empowering Women and Diversity in the IT Community

How is your campus working to support women and diversity in their workforce? Share your successful strategies and the innovative programs your campus has been implementing.

Envisioning the Future of Healthcare Systems

What is happening in personalized and mhealth? How is data impacting what healthcare providers can do? How varied are the gene-specific therapies that are evolving?

Exploring the Future of 21st Century Learning Spaces

Have you built interactive learning spaces on your campus? Do you have a physical or virtual learning commons area? Do you have virtual digital labs, on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure? Do you have a virtual reality lab? Let your colleagues in on your vision for future learning environments.

Focusing Technology on Teaching and Instruction

Are you using or helping faculty use digital engagement tools (polls, micro-quizzes, peer tools) during their classes? What third party tools are your faculty excited about?

Infrastructure Across the Spectrum

Share your progress on your transition of infrastructure and services to the Cloud. Are you creating a private cloud? How are you working to automate your deployments with DevOps?

Leveraging Digital Experience (XR) Technologies

Are you creating new training methods in our applied health science schools for Nurses, Dentists and Physicians? Are you helping faculty explore new ways for students to experience archeology, history or even mock trials? Share what you are doing in AR / VR / and XR with your UC Colleagues!

Professional Development for Technology Professionals

What programs are working to transition the IT workers of today into internal technology consultants and trusted advisors?

Supporting the University of the Future

With the landscape of Higher Ed transitioning to the cloud with SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, how do employees keep up with core skills needed to support the University of California’s mission of teaching, research and service?

Universal Design Thinking for Mobile, Web and Wearables

What are you doing as a campus to provide accessible access for all? Share your human-centered approaches to design for innovative mobile, web and wearable interfaces.