About is the social impact center of Salesforce focused on partnering with the global community of changemakers. We were first set up with founder’s equity as a corporate foundation and evolved into a nonprofit social enterprise to give free and discounted technology to those who need it the most. Today, we are the dedicated social impact team within Salesforce, an industry leader in technology and philanthropy. 

We believe the purpose of business should be to improve the state of the world. We provide access to powerful technology that empowers changemakers to build a better world. Operating within Salesforce, a for-profit entity, increases our capacity to innovate on top of the world’s #1 CRM platform, to channel the pro-bono power of more than 45,000 Salesforce employees, and to inspire Salesforce customers and partners to join our global movement for good. Through this unique model, we are able to make world-class Salesforce technology, like CRM and marketing automation tools, accessible to institutions like yours, and we’re also able to fund the development of purpose-built solutions just for K-12 and higher education on the Salesforce Platform.

Together with our community, this model has produced an incredible impact: 5 million employee volunteer hours, $333 million in grants, and 46,000 nonprofit and education customers. In The Community Impact Report 2020, we share our progress on our path to impact. Through our innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and impact investments we enable the community to achieve progress towards local and global goals.

About Traction on Demand

Traction on Demand is North America’s largest dedicated and consulting and application development partner. With over 7,500 Salesforce projects completed and over 2,000 Salesforce certifications, we’ve partnered with industry leaders to create impactful solutions for their organizations. 

Traction on Demand’s dedicated Education practice focuses on the unique needs of higher education institutions: Recruitment & Admissions, Student Experience, Advancement & Alumni Relations, Management & Operations and beyond. Our team is here to help you transform your constituent experience through first-hand industry knowledge, innovative digital strategies, and trusted and transparent partnership. 

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