CANCELED - Learning by the seaside: How UC San Diego offered in-person classes throughout a global pandemic

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While the UC system faced numerous challenges in 2020 and 2021, perhaps none was more daunting and impactful than rapidly moving to 100% remote instruction.
In response to this crisis, UC San Diego turned to creative thinking and innovation to continue in-person instruction for critical courses and to maintain an important connection to campus life. In close partnership with several campus groups, we designed and built several fully equipped outdoor classrooms for safe and socially distant in-person learning.  These classrooms feature the same robust tools and technology as our “normal” classrooms, including full synchronous and asynchronous online delivery. As a result, they have become wildly popular with faculty and students, and will be an important differentiator for UC San Diego well into the future.
This session will describe the journey that led us to offer outdoor classrooms, the technology used, and the safety protocols in place. We will also highlight the unique considerations and best practices for supporting outdoor learning. Ample time will also be reserved for interactive Q&A and discussion.