CDHI DevOps Success Story - Scaling Automated Testing for Connect Care

Session Host/Speaker(s)

Our Center for Digital Health Innovation is actively working to improve the new patient experience for those referred to UCSF for our specialty care. Connect Care is a web application we created to greatly reduce the time it takes for referral coordinators to collect common missing information from patients that are blocking us from scheduling appointments. Building our first patient facing web application was challenging for many reasons, but leveraging DevOps and building robust automated testing allowed our team to rapidly identify any newly introduced faults across numerous combinations of desktop and mobile devices to ensure a consistent user experience across every browser and device.

We will share our experience building automated UI, functional, and regression tests in BrowserStack using Selenium and the open source test automation framework Appium. BrowserStack is a cloud based testing infrastructure that gives us live access to real Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows devices with our desired configurations and creates video recordings of each test so that when something is wrong, we can quickly inspect the error log and video log to identify the problem.