CoachToFit app and its Journey of Selecting Health Tracking Tools

Session Host/Speaker(s)

The Mobile Research Team in the Office of Advanced Research Computing works with the VA on a collaborative project called CoachtoFit (CTF).  CTF is a mobile app for a closed program with the US Department of Veterans Affairs that educates users on diet and exercise, sets personalized goals, and tracks weight and steps progress. The mobile app was initiated by the VA Los Angeles Regional Office and is now on Phase 2 to be utilized by the VA Pittsburgh. Two of the enhancements are using a smartwatch and Bluetooth scale that will sync with both Apple Health and Google Fit. Journey with us as we explore the world of smartwatches and Bluetooth scale selection and testing.

In this session we will share with you the process of selecting and testing watch wearables for BYOD research projects.  Complexity is introduced when working in a BYOD required study across the spectrum of integrations that need to be considered.  These efforts include integration of third party devices and apps with Google Fit and Health Kit, including the privacy issues that go along with third party data communications.