How to build a Mobile Event App like the UC Tech App using ZAP with Accessibility in Mind

Session Host/Speaker(s)

There are many mobile app event vendors in the marketplace sharing their app building platforms, but the vast majority of them are not accessible and are also very expensive to boot. UCLA's Office of Advanced Research Computing has developed the Zenith App Platform (ZAP - to provide our UC research partners with a highly accessible custom app building platform that will allow you to create data driven apps that ensure you deliver an accessible experience.  The UC Tech App is built using ZAP along with DRUPAL API integration.  We will demonstrate how to use the ZAP platform to deliver real-time updates for your event, and never have to give your data away to an external third party vendor.    For the interactive part, we will be holding a mini-hands on app building workshop and giving out some free-trial user accounts to play with the app building tool.