IT Disaster Recovery Planning - the all new IS-12 policy

Session Host/Speaker(s)

IS-12 was last updated in 2007 under the title, Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery. That version it is no longer relevant for the current times. For example, it lacks up-to-date technology references, a uniform method to meet UC’s current recovery needs, and a method for local governance.

UC’s ability to recover data and supporting systems is critical in order to recover from or operate through power loss, floods, fires, earthquakes, pandemics, and cyber threats like ransomware. The rewritten policy draft provides guidance to help UC locations plan for IT recovery, and utilizes the IT recovery knowledge and experience that UC Health has been putting into practice.

A systemwide workgroup was formed to rewrite the policy. The workgroup consisted of fourteen representatives from various functions (IT operations, IT recovery, security, business continuity leads/planners, IT policy and analysts) and multiple locations.  This session is designed to give attendees a working understanding of emergency planning at UC and how our new policy is designed to support a resilient UC.