Virtue-All training - More than "something I could have watched a recording of"

Session Host/Speaker(s)

UCSD has been developing a culture of Continuous Improvement over the last several years.  We have trained thousands of staff at the Yellow Belt level of Lean Six Sigma through our in-person, interactive, engaging, and fun training.  In the abrupt transition to remote work, we were challenged with re-creating the magic of our course digitally.

We took time in considering the elements that made the training effective, and have since created a course which leverages multiple tools to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

"You have to reach through the screen and give a big warm virtual hug, but also an unrelenting stranglehold on their attention."

We not only leverage the tools to facilitate learning, but we also guide on usage of the tools so participants can lead an interactive project engagement digitally if necessary.

The tools used are: OneDrive (or GDrive), PPT, Promapp, Zoom (with annotations), Kahoot, LucidSpark (or Microsoft Whiteboard), and MSTeams

During this session we intend to share our format, our lessons learned, and we will demonstrate how a training would be facilitated.