Template for Success: LMS Course Design Tools for Remote Instruction

Session Host/Speaker(s)

How will students find my course materials? What do they like? Can you show me what works?

These are some of the questions that instructors frequently ask us when creating a new course site in Canvas learning management system (LMS) (also known as "bCourses" at UC Berkeley). Join us for an overview of the resources our team of instructional designers and technologists developed to help ease the transition and support pedagogically sound remote courses.

In this session for all skill levels, we'll share the process we followed while developing two course templates: a Core template, which uses Canvas' built-in course construction and management tools, and the DesignPlus template, which leverages a third-party design tool integrated with Canvas. We developed two templates to address the needs of instructors quickly moving to remote instruction across campus, some new to bCourses in need of basic course design and others (advanced users) looking for a more robust design tool. Though the templates are aimed at different audiences, both offer a consistent organization founded in best practices in remote instruction pedagogy and are WCAG 2.0AA compliant.

We'll share details on each stage of the journey including initial research and ideation, early development, service design, formal rollout, training, feedback, and next steps. We'll also share our "ah-hah" and "whoops" moments to help those who are interested in implementing a similar set of resources at their campus. Whether you are new to course design and Canvas or a seasoned expert, come see how our team helps set instructors up for success and facilitate instructional continuity when disruptions occur.