Evolution of Patient Care & Zoom

Session Host/Speaker(s)

Amidst the chaos of 2020 UC Health institutions were all forced to bring the future of healthcare racing into the present. At UCSF we dove headfirst to taking outpatient mode of telehealth into a primary mode of service as well as augmenting it to assist with in-patient services. One of the aspects that UCSF IT Audio Visual, Nursing Informatics, and Telehealth teams focused on was Virtual Visitor Experience (VVE) for in-patient services with either a remote clinician and/or with remote family members of the patient. Another was on personal protective equipment reduction through using video conferencing. This talk will be technical deep dive into how UCSF tackled the creation of the VVE project, the technical implementation of the solution, and the ongoing challenges of transitioning from just-in-time project work to a fully-fledged clinical program.