Kill the Website Relaunch

Session Host/Speaker(s)

Every single person in your organization has an interest in the website. The CEO is a stakeholder, as is the customer support rep. The website is the company’s most visible brand and communications asset and a key part of the sales and marketing funnel.

In order to best leverage this asset, the marketer needs to keep the website content updated and the brand innovative. The traditional approach has been the website relaunch that’s often exhaustive and counterproductive.

Now there’s a better way!

Join experts from Pantheon and Molly Duggan Associates as they teach you how to stop relaunching your website and start iterating on your digital experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for building a WebOps organization
  • Problems with a traditional website relaunch
  • Driving growth with WebOps
  • Increasing collaboration for faster iteration