Leveraging Technology to catalyze campus engagement & accelerate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Session Host/Speaker(s)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion remains one of the most important issues facing the higher education landscape. How a campus addresses this issue can affect retention of faculty, staff, and students. To ensure you have a regular pulse on your campus, leaders need more than just the annual climate survey to identify important issues. Campus Voice from UKG can help you:

  • Keep in touch with your campus around how they feel about the student/employee experience
  • Communicate to any part of your campus as often as you like
  • Analyze the emotions or themes running through employees’ open responses

Join Jennifer Perkins, Principal Higher Ed Consultant at UKG and Greg Slater, Higher Ed Account Executive at UKG for this informative session on staying on top of the issues that matter most to your students and employees.