Preventing a Pandemic Pause: How UCSF kept our Tech LDP program on track

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When the pandemic hit and it became clear we were in a remote work situation for the long-term, UCSF IT struggled with continuing our Technology Leadership Program (Tech LDP) or taking a pause. We ultimately decided this was the time to show and develop strong leadership, so we transformed our in-person program to a virtual one. This allowed us to open up opportunities to remote workers living out of the are  who were previously ineligible, and strengthened our already popular program. Our entire team learned and grew as a result, even our seasoned mentors and committee members.

Join us to discover what we learned in crisis and how we transitioned to leading a year-long virtual program.

Background: UCSF's Tech LDP is a year-long program that combines classroom learning with a one-to-one mentoring relationship to develop our Clinical Systems (CS), Information Technology (IT), and Health Informatics (HI) staff. Our goals are to foster a culture of collaboration across CS, IT, HI, and our partners, tie the work we do to UCSF’s mission, support our high performers, and nurture future leaders.