Want macOS endpoint protection without the CPU load? Jamf Protect covers M1 Macs, Big Sur and all the way back to Catalina

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Apple builds one of the strongest out-of-the-box security platforms on the market. However, determined attackers are continuously finding new and innovative ways to attack macOS that traditional security tools do not completely defend against. At Jamf, we believe that effectively securing Mac requires an approach that aligns with Apple instead of forcing Apple to adapt to existing security tools for convenience.
Simply put: it’s virtually impossible to place the square peg in the round hole without leaving something out. That’s why one-size-fits-all-solutions aren’t as effective, because they lose some of the nuances and subtleties that are intrinsic to Mac.
Jamf Protect builds off of Apple's core security approach for macOS and amplifies it with better preventions, stronger controls, broader visibility and remediation that adapts to your environment — without compromising security or Apple’s signature user experience. By further aligning with the Endpoint Security Framework in macOS, Jamf Protect supports the latest Apple software and hardware on the day of release, including Big Sur and M1 based Macs. Allowing you to upgrade your devices on your schedule - not ours.