Wrapping Our Heads Around New Acronyms for Research Data Environments: The FAIR, CARE, and TRUST Principles

Session Host/Speaker(s)

IT, research computing, and related data services are not designed or managed in a vacuum. Rather, all of this work exists in institutional and national contexts that include broader scientific production and scholarly communication systems. One aspect of these systems is the development of community-led social compacts that address the ways that organizations and IT (and related) professionals consider data, the application of technologies, and potential impacts for data creators, owners, analysts, and stewards. 

As ideas and infrastructures around Open Science, reproducibility, and Machine Learning have taken off in the last couple of years, so has concern about data ethics and responsible stewardship. IT and data professionals and the broader community of research stakeholders and constituents have come together to organize social and technical guiding principles for the handling and organization of research data.

This session will introduce the FAIR, CARE, and TRUST Principles. IT professionals who are part of academic research and related service roles may be interested in this overview as they start to proliferate. The FAIR Data Principles in particular are now included or referenced in funder RFPs and solicitations. Training opportunities, related Interest groups, and UC-specific resources will be included as a way to stay involved and current with these efforts.