2021 Will Be the Year of the CRM in Higher Education

Session Host/Speaker(s)

The challenges presented by the pandemic—including the imperative to leverage technology to create digital experiences that now replace those that used to be in-person and on-campus, coupled with a stagnant market for other core campus technologies—produce a perfect opportunity to introduce or more broadly deploy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technologies within an institution. These technologies form the essential foundation for bringing institutions and their constituents together. Add to that the ever increasing expectations for seamless, immediate, personalized experiences that delight, and the case for employing CRM is even more compelling. Leaders from Salesforce.org and the Education practice at Traction on Demand, the largest independent Salesforce systems integrator in North America, will explore the potential for CRM to enhance the student lifecycle and enrich other points of engagement on our virtual and physical campuses.